- Artistic Wire

- Artistic Wire


Artistic Wire

Artistic Wire is the most extensive line of permanently coloured copper wire available for jewellery making and crafts. It comes in a large selection of colours and in a variety of rich metallic and soft matte finishes. Choose colours that complement one another to achieve warm, colourful designs. Or, make a statement and add drama to your designs by using contrasting colours.

Artistic Wire has an exclusive enamel coating that is engineered to resist tarnishing, chipping and peeling, and to stand up to coiling, spiral making, twisting, wrapping and other wire working techniques.

Silver Plated colours offer striking beauty and shine. These wires are made by first plating the copper wire with a precision layer of pure silver. Then a unique enamel colour and tarnish resistant coating is applied. The silver plating beneath the colour adds an incredible high-shine and brilliance to the wire.

Tinned Copper and Bare Copper are the only colours without a tarnish-resistant coating. These wires will patina, or naturally oxidize and darken with time to provide a vintage look.

Non-tarnish brass resembles gold and has a non-tarnish finish to retain its colour and shine.

Artistic Wire can be easily formed into jewellery components such as chain maille, beaded chain, jump rings, earwires, and wire wrapped pendants etc.



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