Privacy policy


At Bluebells & Jellyfish, we take data protection and privacy extremely seriously. We do not disclose or sell customer information. It is stored remotely and securely by our dedicated service provider.

This page explains what data we store, how we store it and how it is used.


How we use your data.

When you place an order, we need certain data to allow us to process your order:


Your Name and address.

We need your details so we can deliver your order. This information is stored remotely by our dedicated service providers who use the latest cybersecurity technology to protect all stored data. Your details are only used in the processing of your order.


Your email address.

We use this to keep you updated as to your order progression.


Your Telephone Number.

If you supply your phone number it will only be used to contact you regarding your outstanding order if we have a query.


Payment details.

When the payment stage is reached in your order, you are transferred to our Payment Gateway Companies, depending on your payments choice, either PayPal or SagePay. We do not hold any

payment details on our servers nor do we have any access to them.


Printed Orders
We print a copy of your order which will be included with your order when shipped.


Cookies used by this site


This site uses cookies in its shopping cart so that it can remember what customers have chosen to purchase on previous pages. These cookies are set temporarily, and are not saved long term. Without these cookies, customers wouldn't be able to buy products from us. There is also a cookie that is set which shows internet users their ‘last viewed’ product. These cookies are temporary session cookies and are integral to the working of the site.


We use Google Analytics to help us analyse how visitors use our website. Information collected using Google Analytics is anonymous and shows us, for example, which pages customers visit and whether the visitor came direct to our web site (by entering the URL) or whether the visitor clicked on a link to our web site.

Changing your cookie settings


If you do not want this site to use cookies you can block their use through your browser settings. For more specific information about how to do this and how to manage cookies to suit your preferences, including deleting those that have already been added to your computer, please visit


Please note that some parts of our website, in particular the shopping basket, will not work properly if you reject cookies.


For more information about Cookies please visit



Access to your customer data


You have the right to view, amend or delete any of your personal information. Please contact us via email at


Policy last amended May 2018