Wire Gauges

Wire Gauges


Wire sizes refer to the diameter (thickness) of the wire, and can be quoted in either millimeters or Gauges. Europeans tend to use millimeters whilst Americans tend to use Gauges. 

The following chart shows the most popular American Wire Gauges (AWG) and their corresponding size in millimeters:

Gauge: Thickness in mm:
18 1.02
20 0.81
22 0.64
24 0.51
28 0.32

The lower the Gauge number, the thicker the wire.  For example: 2 Gauge wire is thick (like a pencil) and 30 Gauge wire is fine (like thread).

18 Gauge wire tends to be used for making jewellery components like jump rings, earwires and ring shanks.  

20 to 24 Gauge wires are the most commonly used sizes and are a popular choice for wire wrapping techniques. These wires are thin enough to thread a bead onto and then form wire wrapped loops to link components together.

28 Gauge wire is fine enough for binding, weaving and knitting.